By Andrea Camarena

Growing up with an older brother has molded Lindsay's Armando Solis, 17.

Older brothers make role models no matter how you cut it and Adrian Solis made just the right kind of an impression on his little brother: He played sports.

As a high school senior, Armando is currently being honored as one of five finalists for the CIF Central Section Scholar Athlete of the Year award. The award is reserved for "college-bound high school seniors whose academic and athletic careers have been truly exemplary and whose personal standards (i.e. integrity, honesty, etc) and accomplishments are positive models for others," according to the CIF website.

When Armando watched his brother play both basketball and football throughout high school, Armando knew he wanted to pick up a ball and play the same way. So, he did just that when he started school at LHS.

Armando participated in four years of Cardinal football (three seasons on varsity), four years of Cardinal basketball (one year varsity) and three years of Cardinal volleyball (one year varsity).

"He has demonstrated a year-long commitment and dedication to sports at LHS. Armando lives the life of a student athlete. He has been a very versatile athlete," said Lindsay Athletic director, basketball coach and teacher Don Perales.

Armando excelled at athletics throughout high school earning All League selections and outstanding lineman awards in multiple seasons for football.

But Armando received letters of recommendations and accolades for being more than just an athlete. He soars above merely jock status. With his seemingly infinite list of extracurricular activities, it's hard to believe that a student so weighed down by activities manages to maintain a 4.3 GPA.

Aside from athletics, Armando is also involved in student government, CSF, ASB, Key Club, French Club, Block L and Drama Club. This year alone, Armando stands as the Senior Class president, CSF president and President of the Key Club. In the past Armando held the position of French Club president as well. To still further his accomplishments, Armando was selected Youth of the Year by the Lindsay Chamber of Commerce. And the club he leads, Key Club, received the honor of Organization of the year in Lindsay.

Armando will be honored at a banquet with the four other Central Section finalists on Tuesday, May 3 at the River Island Country Club in Porterville.

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