Tennis courts need $35,000

By Andrea Camarena

In 2004, the Exeter Union High School girls tennis team earned the highest championship available to a Division III sports program: The Valley Title.

Still the girls practice and compete on eight courts that are nearly in a state of disrepair according to Exeter Athletic Director Darin Pace.

The courts on the high school campus are used not only by high school athletes and high school students. The courts are open to the public and are played on at all hours of the day and through the summer when school is out of session. All those tennis enthusiasts bring plenty of wear and tear.

Pace would like to keep all of the school's athletic facilities up to manufacturer standards. But the cost to resurface Exeter's courts is estimated at $35,000. With the school's athletic budget around $60,000, the resurfacing isn't easily funded.

The school district approached the city for help to resurface the courts. Superintendent Renee Whitson approached the Exeter City Council at a meeting on Monday, June 13 to inform the city of the facility's needs and service.

The Exeter Community Health Fund, formerly the Memorial Hospital board of directors, offered up $5,000 to the cause. The school is hoping to collect $40,000 with the $5,000 dollars going into a maintenance account.

The school is also hoping to do maintenance on their basketball courts in an attempt to keep them up to factory standards.

A big gain for the athletics program in the fall will be the on-campus softball fields. This past season, the Monarchs softball team practiced and played on Dobson Field. The school is setting up two fields in the football practice field area. The school plans to purchase portable fences and already owns portable bleachers to make the field game-ready by next spring.

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