By Andrea Camarena

Cage fighter Paul Estrada of Strathmore has been training for cage fighting for more than four years now.

And on Sunday afternoon, he took a win in a mere 32 seconds over opponent Andrew Ramirez at Eagle Mountain Casino. The fight was Estrada's second win in four years. It was also only his second fight.

"I love training," Estrada said. "I don't like fighting so much though."

But Estrada, with his 2-0 record looked like a fighter when he entered the cage for his 170 pound weight class bout on Sunday afternoon. Estrada took the offensive from the bell and quickly locked Ramirez in a guillotine choke hold. In a matter of seconds, Ramirez, out of Corcoran, tapped out to give the win to Estrada.

Estrada was listed as one of the feature fights of the "Titans Collide," Gladiator Challenge event. The tenth fight of the afternoon, Estrada and Ramirez stepped into the ring a little after 5 p.m. The temperatures were peaking in the outdoor, covered venue. It was a triple digit day and Estrada, though his fight was short has no intentions of fighting under those conditions again.

"I want to wait until the winter to fight again,"Estrada said.

But the heat wasn't Estrada's reasoning for finishing off Ramirez in under a minute.

"I thought I'd end it fast because of the people I train with."

Estrada trains with a group of 10 other fighters out of his garage in Strathmore. The group of wrestler's and Jujitsu trainees meets three nights a week to lift, practice and bout.

Though Estrada does not have much competitive experience in cage fighting, he regularly competes in Jujitsu tournaments.

His recent fight at Eagle Mt. was sponsored by, a local clothing line for cage fighters.

Estrada's fight was three bouts away from the main event. UFC legend, Dan "The Beast" Severn. Severn faced Reno's Rick Collup for the Super Heavyweight Championship Title.

Severn, who has dominated the sport of mixed martial arts for more than a decade, made a slow and timed effort against Collup. In the second round, Severn finally made his attack, knocking Collup to the ground and delivered a hard knee to Collups ribs to end the fight.

Severn thanked the crowd in Porterville for their continuous support after taking the final win of the day.

But Severn's fight wasn't the highlight of the event. Setting up the crowd for the title fight, Middle weight fighters, Dustin Arden and Juan Valle brought the entire crowd to their feet in a bloody battle that miraculously filled an entire five-minute round.

Arden, nick-named the Rooster, and Valle spent their fight pummeling each others faces until they were both covered in blood from head to toe. Arden took the fight after the first round when Valle's corner stopped the fight. Valle could no longer see because of the bleeding. Arden is another local fighter out of Terra Bella.

Of all 15 fights, not one went to the judges. At "Titans Collide" every bout ended in a knock out.

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