Local coach calls it quits after 29 years

By Andrea Camarena

Allan Brown finished what he claims to be his final season of coaching on July 11 at the Babe Ruth State Championship game. Exeter's 15-year-old All star team fell in the Yankee Division championship game to take second place in the state.

Brown began coaching in the Exeter community in 1976 just after graduating from Fresno State.

The young Brown came to Exeter with a plan of working as a PE teacher at Wilson Middle School for just one year. Brown immediately began coaching at the school and still hasn't left Exeter or Wilson.

"I always wanted to see what the kids would look like the next year," Brown said.

One year ultimately turned into 29 as Brown continued to coach and teach.

At Fresno State, Brown dedicated himself to Baseball and played for the WAC team.

"I always wanted to stay in the game," Brown said. So he majored in physical education and became a PE teacher and baseball coach at Wilson.

Over the years spent at Wilson, Brown has coached baseball, football, wrestling and girls basketball.

He also spent more than 15 years as Wilson's athletic director.

Brown did take a 10-year break from coaching baseball. But when his youngest of three children, Will, signed up for his first season of Little League at age 9, he wanted his dad to lead the team. Now, Will is 15 and a sophomore in high school and Brown feels his son will benefit from playing with a coach that's not his dad.

"He's at the point now where he needs someone else to coach him," Brown said.

Will, seems to be an athlete of all sports just like his dad. He not only plays baseball but he also runs cross-country and plays basketball for the Exeter Monarchs.

Brown has instilled himself in Exeter by coaching generations of Exeter families. He has seen his first classes of Wilson Middle School kids go on to high school, college, marriage and then coached their kids at Wilson as well.

And on the Babe Ruth All Star team, Brown coached his son with Eddie Reynoso, a former Wilson student that played for Brown. Reynoso also coached his own son on the Babe Ruth team.

But now, Brown will take the opportunity to be a parent in the stands instead of the dugout.

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