F'ville moves forward with sports park

By Andrea Camarena

The city of Farmersville has heard rumors of a sports complex to be constructed near the high school for more thsn a year now. The City Council made a decision at its last meeting that could take the city a step closer to seeing that rumor become a reality.

"We've been asked to move forward with preliminary planning for the sports park," Mario Krstic, chief of the Farmersville police said at the city council meeting on Aug. 8.

Quad Knopf, the city's contracted engineer firm, made a presentation to the council of how to plan for the park. They explained the research process that will be required to get the park under way.

The firm will have to look at what facilities need to be included to meet grant guidelines. They requested the council's approval to construct two workshops - two public meetings - to see what the city needs. Based on their findings, they will search for ways to fund the project.

The workshops created and held by Quad Knopf will cost the city between $600 and $800 each.

The original plans for the park include six soccer fields, four little league baseball diamonds, two parking lots, an open play area and two lighted baseball fields and one lighted soccer field.

Quad Knopf representatives will use this as a starting point to work from.

They will take their findings from the two proposed workshops and community input to determine what elements of the planned park will be constructed.

Additional funding from the park could come from grants like those offered through the U.S. Soccer Foundation.

The Foundation’s grants are given to communities to build one safe and efficient soccer field.

Quad Knopf and the city of Farmersville will have to continue to apply for other such grants to sufficiently fund the project.

"This is something we should have done last year," Council MemberPaul Boyer said.

The council unanimously voted to give Quad Knopf the green light on their research for the sports park.

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