Local fighters fall at Gladiator Challenge

By Andrea Camarena

Ivanhoe's Josh Jackson waited through 17 fights before it was his turn to enter the cage at Eagle Mountain Casino's Gladiator Challenge fight night on Sunday.

In his second fight as a mixed martial arts competitor, Jackson was featured in the main event, a heavy weight bout against seasoned fighter Anthony Ruiz.

The fight was scheduled for two rounds, but Ruiz only needed two minutes and 12 seconds to finish off Jackson. Early in the first round, Jackson slipped in the ring giving Ruiz the advantage on the ground. Ruiz mounted Jackson and started swinging, pummeling Jackson into a knock out at 2:12.

The fight evened Jackson's Eagle Mountain Record to 1-1.

Jackson fights on a team that trains out of Visalia's Samurai Dojo. Three of the gym's trainees made the fight card at Eagle Mountain.

Eric Soto of Tulare, was the only one of Jackson's teammates to win his bout. And it was an impressive victory. Facing Jesse Gonzalez out of Santa Ynez, Soto applied a standing guillotine choke hold in the first round of the bout for a quick submission from Gonzalez.

Lindsay's Tony Ramirez also entered the ring in an undercard bout versus Lewis Steele, a fighter from Yuma, Ariz.

Ramirez took early control of the fight and it looked like a quick victory for Ramirez when he applied a guillotine choke hold on Steele. But Ramirez couldn't hold on and Steele slipped out of his grasp. Ramirez managed to trap him in the guillotine again a mere few seconds later. Steele escaped again but Ramirez maintained control until the fight went back to the ground. Steele mounted Ramirez in the final minute and brought the punches holding Ramirez through the end of the round.

It looked like it would be an even second round until Ramirez failed to answer the bell at the start of the second round, forfeiting the fight to Steele.

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