By Andrea Camarena

Monarch stadium can be renamed the Slaughter House after Friday's 54-point shutout over the Orosi Cardinals on Friday night.

The Monarchs made it clear from the start of the Senior Night game that they came to dominate.

Exeter used every offensive weapon they could against the Cardinals with 102 passing yards and 318 rushing yards.

The Monarchs scored early in the first quarter when Exeter quarterback Chris Mayabb connected with Eric Capello for a 10-yard touchdown pass.

Capello made the night his when he followed up his first touchdown with a 78-yard punt return for his second touchdown of the night just two and a half minutes later.

Capello wasn't the only standout for the night. Mayabb completed three touchdown passes and made a 5-yard touchdown run in the third quarter. Other scoring Monarchs included Sam Garver who received an 11-yard touchdown pass from Mayabb in the second quarter. Chris Parker scored on a similar play catching a 19 yard pass from Mayabb for six points.

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