Lindsay takes 3rd at Parlier, ups record 6-1

The Cardinals battled their way to third place at last week's Parlier Tournament. Earning wins over Strathmore, Roosevelt, Orosi and suffering their first loss at the hands of Fowler.

The team finished out the tournament with a 6-1 overall record to continue their winning way.

Lindsay opened the tournament with a rematch with local rival Strathmore. The game was just the opposite from their previous encounter with Strathmore, but the outcome was another win, this time, 47-42. Lindsay was forced to play without David Ross who was thwarted by illness. Strathmore played with great intensity on defense and forced us in to turnovers. Both teams struggled from the field and at the line. Abel Gamboa scored all five of Lindsay's first quarter points. Lindsay led 3-0 as Strathmore missed their first nine shots. In the last two minutes of the quarter, Strathmore made an 8-2 run to lead 5-8. The second quarter was more of the same. Both teams were shooting poorly. Lindsay turned the ball over 19 times in the first half. However, they only trailed 10-12 as the defense began improving.

The third quarter was all Strathmore at the beginning with a 10-5 run. At 3:17, Lindsay took a timeout to regroup. They returned to the game to run off 12 unanswered points to lead 27-22 after three quarters.

Lindsay started to get steals and force turnovers allowing the Cardinals to play up tempo. In the fourth quarter, Lindsay continued to build its lead with 7 more straight points. However, Strathmore came back to score 15 points and tie the game with 19 seconds remaining. Anthony Gonzalez missed a lay-up and then Abel Gamboa missed a 10-foot jumper.

In the overtime, Lindsay got the tip and Jordan Lara was able to penetrate for a lay-up. Gamboa followed at 1:57 with a put back rebound. Strathmore countered with a 3-point basket. Lara answered with a trey from Gamboa's assist. Gonzalez sealed the victory at :15 wth a coast to coast lay-up.

Lindsay shot a 15/44 for 34% from 2-point range and Strathmore shot 16/42 for 38%. Lindsay made an excellent 4/10 for 40% from the arc and Strathmore made 2/13 for 15%. We made a 5/10 for 50% from the line and Strathmore made 4/8 for 50%. Defensively, Lindsay made13 steals to force 24 turnovers. Lindsay gave up 28 turnovers. Lindsay won the battle of the boards, 44-32.

Gamboa had his second double double of the season with 13 points, 16 rebounds and two assists. Anthony Gonzlaez almost had a triple/double with 15 points, 12 rebounds and eight steals. Jordan Lara had a career high 14 points with three treys, four rebounds and two assists. Eddie Jara in his first start had three rebounds. Off the bench, Hector Gomez scored 5 points, two rebounds and two steals.

Lindsay moved on to the second round to face tougher competition.

It was a quality win over a Division I team with over 2,600 students. Roosevelt led early with a 5-0 run. Lindsay responded with its own 5-0 run. The Cardinals then closed out the first quarter with a 7-2 spurt to lead 12-9. Lindsay was in slight foul trouble early and also had to play shorthanded with an injured Erick Lott out of the game.

In the second quarter, Lindsay got off quickly with an 8-2 run. In the see saw quarter, Roosevelt responded with an 8-2 run. Lindsay led 24-21 at the half.

The third quarter was back and forth quarter was back and forth with Roosevelt finally tying the game at 31 with 1:10 on the clock. The Cardinals then ran off four unanswered points to lead 35-31 after three quarters and never again gave up the lead.

Lindsay was controlling the tempo and didn't have any turnovers completed against their full court man pressure.

In the fourth quarter, Lindsay continued to build their lead with three more straight points. However, Roosevelt never quit and came back to score four points. At 1:16, the Cardinals led 46-41. Lindsay then struggled with three straight turnovers but only gave up two points. The Cardinals were able to convert free throws to pull out the win.

Lindsay hit 17 of 40 shots for 43% from the 2-point range and Roosevelt shot 17 of 31 for 55%. The Cardinals made 2 of 16 for 12% from the arc while

Roosevelt made 1/16 for 6%. Lindsay made 11 out of 20 for 55% from the line and Roosevelt sank 8 of 15 for 53%.

Defensively, the Cardinals earned nine steals and forced 26 turnovers. The

Cardinals offense gave up 14 battles and lost the battle of the boards,


Abel Gamboa scored 18 points, seven rebounds, two steals and four blocks.

David Ross had a career high 17 points, eight rebounds and five blocks.

Anthony Gonzalez had 6 points, six rebounds, three assists and two steals.

Jordan Lara scored seven points, four rebounds and three steals. JR Lopez had three points, three rebounds, two assists and two steals. Off the bench, Hector Gomez had three assists.

In the next round of the tournament, the Cardinals faced their first loss of the season when they faced Fowler in a 52-67 battle.

Despite the loss, Lindsay finally got their offense on track with improved shooting. But the loss came because of poor defense, usually the Cardinals biggest strength.

Lindsay started with an 11-2 run. David Ross and Abel Gamboa were dominating the inside scoring 15 of Lindsay's 20 points. Lindsay led after the first quarter, 20-12. In the second quarter, Lindsay traded bastes with Fowler but came out ahead 33-25 at the half. Anthony Gonzalez carried the team with 7 points.

Fowler started the third quarter with an 11-4 run. Lindsay held the lead 46-42 after the third quarter. The Cardinal defense was allowing dribble penetration and too many 3-point opportunities. In the final quarter, Fowler got the lead with a 7-0 start. The teams traded baskets again and Lindsay finally got the lead again, 55-54, with 2:40 remaining. Angel Vargas had a career high for Fowler in the fourth quarter with four treys and 18 of his 30 points. His last trey gave them a 58-60 lead with 1:28/ Lindsay suffered a bad call turnover and then another turnover that forced the team to start fouling. Fowler made their free throws and outscored the Cardinals 16-25 in the fourth quarter.

The loss dropped the Cardinals' record to 5-1.

Against fowler, Lindsay made 3 of 16 treys for 19% from the arc and Fowler made 8 of 19 for 42%. Lindsay made 19/48 for 40% inside the arc. Fowler made 15 of 34 for 44%. At the line, Lindsay shot an excellent 15 of 21 for 71%.

Fowler was 13 of 19 for 68%. Fowler out-rebounded Lindsay 38-41. Lindsay forced 25 turnovers with 15 steals. Lindsay gave up 19 turnovers.

Abel Gamboa had another double/double with 14 points, 12 rebounds, two blocks and two steals. Anthony Gonzalez had a career high 18 points, five rebounds, and six steals. David Ross had 16 points, nine rebounds, four steals, one charge and two blocks. JR Lopez scored four points, five rebounds and four assists. Hector Gomez scored five points and four rebounds. Eddie Jara scored four points.

The loss to Fowler put the Cardinals in the consolation game where they fought and defeated league rival Orosi for third place in the tournament.

Lindsay's defensive intensity returned as the Cardinals took third place in Parlier. Abel Gamboa was selected to the All-Tournament team.

Lindsay controlled the tempo and executed the half-court offense for good shots. As a result, Lindsay had its best shooting game of the season.

Lindsay had an 8-2 run in the middle of the first quarter to build a lead and never looked back. Lindsay led after the first quarter, 14-9. In the second quarter, the Cardinals increased the lead behind Jordan Lara's 3-point shooting. Lindsay led at 30-17 at the half. Abel Gamboa was unstoppable with 11 points inside.

The third quarter was more of the same. Lindsay started with an 11-2 run. The Cardinals built their biggest lead43-21 at the 3:14 mark. Orosi then made a 10-2 run and Lindsay led 45-31 after the third quarter.

In the final quarter, Lindsay maintained a 15-point lead and cleared the bench at 2:50.

Lindsay made 3 of 10 for 30% shooting treys. Orosi only sank 3 of 13 for 23%. Lindsay made 21/34 for 62% inside the arc. Orosi made 14 of 27 for 52%. At the line, Lindsay shot 5 of 9 for 56% while Orosi had a perfect 3 of 3 for 100%.

Each team grabbed 23 rebounds. Lindsay forced 19 turnovers with 13 steals while turning over only 11 times.

Abel Gamboa scored 15 points, seven rebounds and six steals. Anthony Gonzalez had 11 points, 6 assists and two steals. David Ross had 7 points and seven rebounds. JR Lopez scored 9 points, five assists and earned two steals. Jordan Lara had 10 points, two rebounds and three assists. Hector Gomez had three assists, two steals and three rebounds.

The Cardinals will return to the court today for the opening game of the Immanuel Tournament. Lindsay will face Chowchilla at 6 p.m. on Dec. 14 at the “old gym” on the Immanuel High School campus in Reedley.

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