Farmersville converts foul into last minute win

By Andrea Camarena

A last minute win over CVC on Thursday kept the Aztecs in Valley contention last week after taking the No. 1 seeding in Division 5 playoffs.

As the clock ticked down the East Sierra League teams battled for the third time this season in a scoreless frenzy.

&#8220We don't usually play a physical game but CVC is so big, strong and fast that we have to adjust to play with them,” Farmersville coach Michael Jordan said. &#8220We have to adapt or they'll physically dominate.”

And both teams fought an intense physical battle as neither could net a goal and the clock edged closer to overtime. With less than one minute left in the second half, a CVC defender downed an Aztec forward with an elbow to the back of the head when both players went up for an even header just outside the 18. The referee called for a direct kick from the left side of the field. CVC's four-man wall was unable to adjust in time when Farmersville forward Jose Cuevas rocketed a swift ground shot in the left corner of the goal past the hands of the Cavaliers keeper to bring the game to an unmatchable 1-0.

With under a minute left, CVC was unable to get another shot off before the final whistle and Farmersville took its second win over the Cavaliers in two weeks.

(The Aztecs downed the Cavaliers 2-1 on Wednesday, Feb. 8, at CVC in their second league meeting.)

The win was a quarterfinal victory and Farmersville's first playoff contest.

After taking a 9-1 league record, the Aztecs received a bye in the first round of playoffs. CVC took a 2-0 win over Caruthers on Feb. 16 to advance to the quarterfinal game with Farmersville.

The lack of goals wasn't due to a lack of effort on either part. The closely matched game met a strong CVC offense with a determined Farmersville defense.

&#8220Our goalie didn't have to work too hard. The credit goes to our defense,” Jordan said.

With a four man defense, the Aztecs held back CVC's shooting and stumped one of their best offensive players. Farmersville's Edgar Amezcua played man-to-man covering one of the Cavalier's strongest players, Lucas Wilgenburg.

&#8220Basically, I really credit the win to our defense and central midfielders,” Jordan said.

The Aztecs went on to face another tough East Sierra League competitor in the semifinal round of Valley playoffs.

No. 4 Parlier traveled to Farmersville on Tuesday, Feb. 21. Scores were unavailable at press time but the winner will advance to the Valley championship on Feb. 23.

&#8220CVC has a better defense and Parlier has a better offense,” Jones said before Tuesday's game. &#8220So there will; be more pressure on our defense.”

In preparation for the week, Jordan admitted the close match between his team and Parlier.

&#8220They're such a good team, it could go either way, but the guys know what's at stake.”

Farmersville defeated Parlier twice during regular league competition but was the Aztecs closest competitor.

A win over Parlier schedules the Championship game for Thursday in Farmersville.

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