By Andrea Camarena

A street car by weekday and a show car by weekend.

On a typical weekday, Cary Miller uses his 1951 Fleetline to tread the streets of Exeter. But on the weekends, Miller parks his unique metal beauty at car show lots throughout California. He's shown his Fleetline at 16 shows in three years and over the weekend, the &#8220gray” and red car was a highlight at Woodlake's ninth annual car show.

The Woodlake Chamber of Commerce hosted the event at City Park on Saturday morning and accompanied the show with a cruise night on Friday, July 14.

The show divided entries into 29 categories and awarded prizes to the top three cars in each category.

Miller's Fleetline caught visitor's eyes with its unique paint job. Thought his car didn't place in its category, it was still a sight to remember.

&#8220I think the owner before me just mixed all the paint colors he had to create this. It's kind of a gray, purple in the sun. I call it Pearl Plum,” Miller said.

To highlight the glossy color, candy red flames accentuated the front side panels of the vintage beauty. The Fleetline wasn't originally Miller's ultimate dream car, but its is the realization of a lifelong dream.

&#8220I'm from L.A. and my whole life I've wanted to do this,” Miller said. &#8220I wanted a 49-50 American; and I got spoiled on this thing. It was the first one I could afford.”

The Fleetline came with the paint job, but Miller put in the chrome engine and all the matching accessories including a nova clip in front.

Miller also shows an '84 Impala and is looking into getting another cruiser.

A lowrider classic, the Chevy Impala, in normal car show fashion, held a strong a presence in Woodlake on Saturday. Daniel Cabrera of Woodlake had his two &#8220babies” lined up for the judges on Saturday as well.

A 1959 rich red Impala is Cabrera's newer project. Saturday, was the Impala's third show appearance. Cabrera has had the car for just over a year and entered it for its originality. The car is unique with the original rag top still in great shape. But Cabrera still has big plans and a lot of work in line for his Impala.

&#8220I have a lot of work still,” Cabrera said. &#8220I want to get it all original again. I have to repaint it, put on moldings, re-do the undercarriage and more. I've only done minor work so far.”

Cabrera has done plenty more work on his second and favorite vintage lowrider, a 1975 gold Chevy Capris. The convertible took second place in the 1970's low rider category. Over the past 15 years, Cabrera has digitalized and upgraded the classic car with a new paint job, an array of engine work and has even installed DVD screens on his visors with a new sound system. Since buying the car for $4,500 in 1993, Cabrera's fed more than $15,000 into his project.

&#8220I've been doing this stuff for 20 years and I never thought I could afford my own car,” Cabrera said.

&#8220I think now, I'll stick to working on Impalas and Capris Classics. They've always been my favorite.”

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