By Devann McClellan

The Monarchs remain undefeated in five games after bringing Corcoran to its knees in a 54-16 Exeter win on Friday, Sept. 29.

It was a winning night from the start for the Monarchs. As Exeter's defense faced off at the line, Exeter junior Patrick Hutcheson snagged an interception from Corcoran sophomore quarterback Anthony Ramirez on Corcoran's first offensive play of the night.

Exeter Senior quarterback Sam Garver kept the Moanrchs going with a handoff to sophomore running back Cameron Loeffler, for an Exeter touchdown making it 6-0, with 10:15 left in the first quarter. As the Panthers' offense took the field, Garver received an interception from Ramirez. With Another hand off from Garver to Loeffler, Exeter received their second touchdown in the first quarter, making it 12-0, Monarchs.

Ending the first quarter with an amazing hit, Hutcheson took the field in the second quarter to receive an interception at the Exeter kickoff on Corcoran's own 5-yard line. Receiving a handoff, Loeffler ran the ball in for an Exeter touchdown. With a PAT by Pascoe, the scoreboard lit up 26-0, Monarchs.

With a kickoff by Pascoe, senior Kyle Schmidt recovered the ball on Corcoran's 20-yard line. As the ball was snapped, Garver looked to senior Chris Parker in the endzone for the pass to make Exeter's third touchdown in one minute. With a PAT by Pascoe, the scoreboard read 33-0 with Exeter at the lead at the end of the first half.

The second half began with the Monarchs still standing strong. Pascoe ran in another touchdown and kicked a PAT for a score of 40-0 Exeter.

As the defense took the field, Guglielmoni and senior Cristoval Lemus ran through the line for the first sack of the night. Lemus continued to run through the line and got his second sack for the night.

After an Exeter fumble, Corcoran sophomore Brant Botill put the Panthers on the board. After a 2-point conversion, the score was 40-8 Exeter.

After another touchdown by Loeffler, making the score 47-8, Exeter fumbled for a Corcoran recovery. The Monarchs defense held strong, keeping the score 47-8 at the end of the third quarter.

Continuing the scoring rally in to the fourth quarter, Pascoe ran the ball in for yet another Exeter touchdown. The score was 54-8.

As Corcoran held possession of the ball, junior Andrew Pacheco scored a Panthers touchdown. With a 2-point conversion, Exeter still held the lead, 54-16.

After many injuries, the Monarchs still held strong against the Panthers to leave th end of the game with another EUHS victory, 54-16.

Exeter came up with a team total of 291 rushing yards. 162 from Loeffler, 60 by Pascoe, 38 by junior Sergio Ortiz, 23 by Parker and 10 by junior Joey Avila.

The scoring leaders were Loeffler with four rushing touchdowns, Pascoewith two rushing, Parker with one receiving and Hutcheson with one.

The Monarchs defense plowed through the Panthers with a team total of 106 tackles. The tackle leaders were Parker with six and eight assists, senior Allen Peliaz with two and nine, Garver with two and four and sophomore Pedro Saldana also had two and four.

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