By Andrea Camarena

A fighting frenzy hit Exeter on Saturday, April 14 when 18 bouts took center ring at Samurai Dojo and Fighting Unlimited News' Spring Break Smoker in front of 250 fans.

The amateur event was unique and crowd pleasing with two boxing matches, seven submission wrestling matches, three kickboxing bouts, one grappling match and four mixed martial arts fights.

Twelve-year old Angel Bogarin took the first win of the day when he won a decision over 13-year old Exeter boxer Dakota Hickox after three one-minute rounds.

Fighters were allowed to sign up the day of the Smoker and were paired based on weight and experience.

&#8220We tried to create nice even matches so people could test their skill level,” Samurai Dojo owner Scott Harper said. &#8220The day was a huge success.”

Competitors came from schools around the valley and one fighter came from Cesar Gracies' gym in San Jose.

Valley Fight Club, Kings Knights and New Era Martial Arts of Clovis all competed with experience levels varying per bout.

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