Football: Second win in a row for Aztecs as they defeat Avenal 44-8


Farmersville Aztecs score 4 touchdowns during the second quarter for a 20-point lead, two Aztecs ejected from the game

By Kassandra Gutierrez
Special to the Sun-Gazette

FARMERSVILLE – Avenal Buccaneers traveled over an hour to face off against the Farmersville Aztecs last Friday. The Buccaneers’ Fabian Maldonado, scored their first and only touchdown of the game halfway through the first quarter. But by the end of the first half the Aztecs had run up the score 29-8, leading to a final score of 44-8.

Despite their good start, the Buccaneers fell behind as the Aztecs scored four touchdowns within the first half and two during the second half. The Aztecs got their first three points on the board by a kick in the first quarter.

The second quarter was an eventful one for the Aztecs. The team scored a total of four touchdowns, each by a different player, showing an outstanding team effort and great performance by quarterback, Victor Castrejon.

Castrejon had the first touchdown of the quarter, on a seven-yard play action bootleg straight into the end zone. Castrejon had his hand in other scores on the night as well. Struggling to find his footing, he had to put the ball in the air off balance, but he found his tight end Donovan Minton. Minton took the ball and made the most of his opportunity when he ran 20 yards down the nearside for his team’s second touchdown.

Castrejon was not done distributing the ball when he found Edward Carrillo in the end zone a six yard score. And while that beefed up their side of the score board they were not done yet. With just 58 seconds left in the first half, the Buccaneers fumbled the ball and Farmersville’s Brian Macias was all over it.

Farmersville set up shop at their very own 48 yard line and managed to get down to Avenal’s 37. Castrejon trusted his arm and receiver Skylar Morris’ hands when they put just one more score on the board before ending the half up 29-8.

Coach Marco Gutierrez said, “I know [Avenal’s] Coach Lewis very well, he was the one who gave me my first coaching job when he was here at Farmersville, I know his offense, I know what he wants to do with his defense. I was well prepared and I just relayed it to the kids. I knew he was going to bring tough hard-nosed kids, and I knew he was going to come downfield and send a lot of pitches. What we did was put our best players in space and tried to keep them going side to side and keep our tempo up.”

Despite the Aztecs’ turning the ball over at the beginning of the second half, the defense came up big and walked away with points. Farmersville’s Gabriel Maldonado scooped and scored when Avenal fumbled the ball on the very next play putting the game all but out of reach 38-8.

Tensions boiled over between the Buccaneers and Aztecs when Avenal’s Tamaric Ramirez was hurt on a play. A fight ensued on the field between a few players that led to two Aztecs being ejected from the game.

“We had two players ejected tempers flared out, we had some leaders on the field who unfortunately hit their boiling point,” said Coach Gutierrez. “But we are going to see what we will do to appeal and we will go from there.”

Farmersville’s Alex Covarrubias went on to score the final touchdown of the game in the fourth quarter to give the Aztecs the 44-8 win and their second win in as many weeks.

Farmersville hopes to appeal the ejections so they can get their two players back in time to square off against the Caruthers Blue Raiders on the road Friday night. Caruthers is currently undefeated and coming off a 42-7 win over the Firebaugh Eagles. Caruthers also has wins over Sierra High School and Tranquility High School.

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