Chris Sanchez becomes the first Farmersville High alumnus to hold the position of athletic director


By Patrick Dillon @PDillon_SGN

FARMERSVILLE – When Chris Sanchez sat in the desks of Farmersville High School in the early 2000s, there was one thing clear in his mind. He was going to return some day, and be the same kind of mentor who led him. After he traveled south to receive his education, and took a job at a middle school, his journey has come full circle. Early last month, he was hired as Farmersville High School’s new athletic director.

Chris Sanchez Athletic Director Farmersville High School

Chris Sanchez
Athletic Director
Farmersville High School

“There are really no words for this. It is kind of unreal,” Sanchez said. “I was very fortunate that I knew I wanted to be a teacher, or do something with education since my high school years.”

Sanchez was a two-sport athlete—football and basketball—during his four years. He was more passionate about basketball, playing three years on varsity. He played just one year on varsity football. His passion for basketball later provided an earlier opportunity to return to the school. After high school, Sanchez attended another school with the Aztec mascot in San Diego State. When he received his credential in 2009, he began substitute teaching at Dailard Elementary School in San Diego.

“They actually offered me a position, but one of the retirees decided not to retire,” Sanchez said. “It came to the point that if I am going to sub, then why not do it back home.”

In 2010, Sanchez called an old teacher of his and Farmersville’s first athletic director Michael Jordan in hopes of getting a teaching and coaching position at the high school. Jordan liked his enthusiasm, but told Sanchez he was going to have to work his way up. Hearing that, Sanchez got a position at the junior high school where he held a few positions over the years. He also got an assistant coaching position at the high school under Fabian Acevedo. Sanchez held that coaching position until he became the head junior varsity coach in 2012. The following year, Sanchez stepped down to coach the junior high basketball team and become the school’s athletic director in 2014 where he remained through 2017.

Since Sanchez was announced as the new athletic director, he has had a guiding voice from Jordan. The most important piece of advice his former-teacher-turned-mentor gave him has been to support and lead the school’s teams. Sanchez plans on doing just that while being available and visible to the community.

A lot of the students with whom Sanchez is familiar are already filling up the classes at the high school, which will make the transition easier. Sanchez still has his work cut out for him as Farmersville joins the East Sequoia League this season.

“I am so excited,” Sanchez said. “I am motivated right now and my passion for education is even higher.”

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