Tulare Union wrap up: Tribe lands first win, hopes for more wins to come

By Spencer Beair

Special to the Sun-Gazette

TULARE – Tulare Union baseball and softball may have some work to do in order to improve before conference games begin, but given the tools at their disposal, the team is confident they can solve their  problems and rise to the top of the league, especially with the help of some star players.

So far the start of this season has resulted in a 1-1 record for the Tribe softball team. This Tuesday, sophomore Mia Reynolds threw a 1-hit shutout of the Lemoore Tigers, and hurled 15 strikeouts while on the way of doing it. Of course, this is just one game, but this is a sign of good things to come for the Tribe softball team. Mia was also on varsity as a freshman, and has so far accumulated these staggering numbers while on varsity: 159 innings pitched, 246 strikeouts, and has held batters to a .189 average. For a fan of high school softball, this girl would surely one to keep an eye on.


Tribe Varsity Baseball Looking to Bounce Back

Tulare Union Varsity baseball team unfortunately can’t say they’ve had a very good start to the season. The Tribe to this point has been outscored by 31 runs (and that is even with a 20-1 victory against Sunnyside High School). Star pitcher Ben Pederson started last Saturday’s double-header against Buchanan, the day after he had been a part of the soccer team’s loss to Madera South for the Valley Title. He started the game out and earned three runs and getting three strikeouts, but 9 runs in total were allowed that game. That is just an example of the disappointing pitching that the Tribe have had to deal with, especially with one of their best, Samuel May, sustaining a season ending injury. As the tribe exit their losing streak after beating Sunnyside High School, they look to the future and hope the past doesn’t come back to haunt them.

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