Monarchs volleyball wins 3-0 against Irvine, Bishop Diego during playoff stretch

The Monarchs were victorious in last Thursday’s playoff game against Irvine ending with 25 to 20 in the last period, went undefeated against the Bishop Diego Eagles Nov. 11

EXETER – The Monarchs have been reveling in their supremacy since beginning the division IV state championship playoffs. They squared off against the Capistrano Valley Christian Eagles last night after press time. The winner will take the regional crown and head straight to the state championship on Nov. 20.

But before all of that the Monarchs put down the Bishop Diego Cardinals in a dominant 3-0 shutout on Saturday, Nov. 13. That was practically a repeat of their Nov. 11 home game where they left no doubt against Irvine.

It was hard fought victory where Hannah Baker and Haven Rich were on guard and quick to the punch throughout the game. During the third set, as the score for both Irvine and Exeter were tied at 19, the Monarchs were able to take the lead after Irvine’s Rakshana Sasikumar spike landed out of bounds. Rich also spiked and scored another point for the Monarchs, ending the third period with 25 for the Monarchs and 20 for Irvine. This win gave Monarchs a 26-10 record.

When asked, Exeter head coach, Sam Hilvers exclaimed that the girls’ performance on the court was “very aggressive and very smart ‘’ claiming Avery Barber’s efforts to get underneath the ball as much as possible as “huge.” She continued on and said that serving was their strongest asset at times, and that helped to get Irvine out of their system and easier to defend for the Monarchs. When questioned who she would give the game ball to, after some thinking she was able to say Baker due to how she covered the court and anchored the serve receive.

During the first period, Ivy Miller and Tiara Daly’s blocks were clean. The teams’ serves were also in order. The first period ended with a score of 25-18 for the Monarchs. In the course of the second period the team worked side by side with their excellent passing ending this period with 25-13. Continuing on the third period, is where the players could feel the heat. There were a series of back-and-forth volleys where the Monarchs usually took the lead. After the Monarchs were able to get the ball back after a tie, the score ended with 25-20.

This win helped the girls get closer to finals, and according to Ivy Miller hopefully a state ring. She also described how her teammates, coach, and the upcoming state finals motivated her to play so well.

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