Exeter wins tight game against CVC, loses to Selma

The Monarchs gain confidence in 43-39 win against the Cavaliers, lose 70-43 against the Selma Bears

EXETER – The Exeter Monarchs added another win to their overall record as they defeated the Central Valley Christian Cavaliers last Tuesday in a nail-biting 43-39 victory.

The final was a true indication of how close the game was. CVC started strong, leading off with a seven-point lead. Justin Stroud started scoring for the Cavaliers, leaving Exeter with some ground to make up. Jake Rowlett took some initiative and scored the first three-pointer of the night for the Monarchs. And once Exeter’s Andrew Taylor started getting the ball in his hands he knocked down back to back field goals.

Unfortunately, CVC started to play with more aggression in the second quarter causing Exeter to struggle to keep the ball on offense. Too bad for CVC, their aggression turned into fouls. Luckily for them Exeter wasn’t able to convert from the line and left the door open for the Cavaliers to reseize some of the momentum. The Cavaliers Jaeden Moore and Stroud put in some teamwork and recaptured a small lead before halftime.

Exeter’s coach, Eli Garver, became visibly frustrated at the referees for some tight calls in an even tighter 3-point game. Garver’s frustration spilled over to players and others on the coaching staff as well. Starting in second half there was a foul for CVC’s Stroud. The defense on both sides was extremely efficient and the last two quarters were when players from both teams started to steal the ball from each other. The tension caused both teams to fight harder to gain the last few points before the buzzer went off to start the fourth quarter.

Rowlett started the final eight minutes of the game with a three-pointer. Still, in the first few minutes, Exeter was making little mistakes that allowed the Cavaliers to steal the ball. Lucky enough, though, the Monarchs were able to come back and put some points on the board. Some exciting ball movement got the Exeter bench roaring and the student section cheering as the game was tied.

Taylor had made a two-pointer to put Exeter in the lead. Following that Taylor had been fouled and made both of his free throws in the last 10 seconds of the game. CVC wasn’t going down without a fight, Zach Zwart ended up getting fouled but only made one of the two shots. To secure Exeter’s win Rowlett made the last two free throws of the night. This ended the game with a 43-39 victory for the Monarchs.

Garver said, “Effort was what got [them their] win. Dewayne Coleman was on his game the whole night and Rowlett was on offense but it was a little bit of everyone.” For Garver, the highlight of the night was when he remembered playing CVC in a modified senior night. “CVC put it out tonight and my guys remembered that, especially my seniors.”

The Monarchs then took their 7-9 record on the road to play Selma last Thursday Jan. 6. Unfortunately, the momentum from a close win against the Cavaliers didn’t transfer over as they had to take a 23-point loss. This week they’ll play the 8-8 Hanford West Huskies on Wednesday, Jan. 12 at home at 7 p.m.

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