VOLLEYBALL: Clovis East Timberwolves trample Cavaliers on their home court

Clovis East defeats the Central Valley Christian Cavaliers in a 3-0 sweep despite the support from a ruckus Cavalier crowd

VISALIA – The Clovis East Timberwolves swept the Central Valley Christian Cavaliers after a close 30-28 third set. After falling behind for the first two sets, the Cavaliers attempted a comeback, but their attempt was snuffed out by the more dominant Clovis East team.

Clovis East remained composed despite the Central Valley Christian student section heckling them on every serve. Their composure led to them taking control of the score quickly in the first set and carried them through those final few battles for points in the third and final set.

“In the past they’ve done the first and second set, but once it gets close, they’ve kind of crumbled,” Clovis East head coach Kaycee King said, “but they came out on top and I’m very proud of them.”

The Central Valley Christian student section quickly took it upon themselves to help their team by heckling the Clovis East servers. They filled the gym with shouts and boos with each and every serve. But the Timberwolves stayed resolute, making several aces despite the noise. They won the first set 25-15.

“We had quite the heckling crowd last week in Kingsburg,” King said. “This wasn’t bad in comparison.”

The Cavaliers seemed to shift into second gear for the second set, putting up a small lead fairly quickly. They managed to dig out more of Clovis East’s kills than they had in the first set. But still, the Timberwolves displayed consistent dominance on serves and kills. Though closer than the first set, the Timberwolves still won the second set 25-21.

CVC put up a hard fight in the third set. Though Clovis East was ahead for most of the set, the Cavaliers tied it at 17, then pulled ahead. After that, it was back and forth to the end. Due to the “win by two” rule in volleyball, when both teams were at 24 points, it required one of the teams not just to reach 25 points, but 26 points. With both teams continuing to alternate points, Clovis East finally managed to complete their sweep with a score of 30-28.

“We just need to cut down on errors,” Central Valley Christian head coach Mike Kroeze said. “We make a lot of unforced errors and we need to cut them down.”

Central Valley Christian came into the game with a 5-5 record and left it with another loss. They will compete in a tournament on Friday against Templeton, Clovis East and Trabuco Hills.

“We still need to work on switching up the shots, throwing in some tips,” King said. “We did a better job of that this time.”

Clovis East came in with a winning record of 11-2. Before they compete in the tournament on Friday, they will face Kerman on Sept. 7.

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