BASEBALL: Bullpups score six in third to beat Mustangs

Hanford Bullpups hit three doubles in a row to score six runs in one inning and pull ahead of Tulare Western Mustangs

TULARE – Hanford’s Isaac Perez kicked off a string of doubles with a hit that sent three runners home to first tie, then pass the Mustangs in runs. The Bullpups beat the Mustangs 7-3.

The Bullpups hit three doubles in a row to score six runs in a single inning and beat the Mustangs 7-3 in their March 24 league matchup. After the Mustangs pulled ahead 3-0 in the first two innings, the Bullpups’ Isaac Perez, positioned fourth in the lineup, hit a double that sent three runners home, immediately tying the game. After Perez, the next two batters also hit doubles and the Bullpups pulled ahead 6-3. They topped it off with another run in the sixth inning to win their second league game.

“Early in the season we were struggling putting a couple of hits together and luckily we did,” Hanford head coach Carlos Perez said. “And it’s contagious the same way errors are contagious. Base hits are contagious.”

Tulare Western’s starting pitcher walked two batters in the beginning of the third inning, which loaded the bases when Perez came up to hit. After three more balls, he hit a ball deep into left field that sent all three runners in and got to second base himself. The Bullpups had caught up to the Mustangs on just one hit.

Perez was followed by three more doubles by Justin Cerda, Mason Soares and Derek Knight. After that, the Mustangs brought in John Callison as a new pitcher and he finished the inning with three outs. Hanford’s starting pitcher, Knight, had been shaky in the first two innings so he was replaced by Colton Oliviera in the third.

“Bottom line is you can’t walk guys,” Tulare Western head coach Ken Searcy said. “When you walk guys you just put them in a better position to put a bat on the ball and that’s what they did.”

The Mustangs played well during the first inning. After the first two batters were thrown out, senior Ben Leon got on base and was able to make his way around as the next two pitchers had base hits for the Mustangs’ first run of the game. In the second, both James Corral and Callison got on base. A couple of hits from the next two batters got them in position to score and they scored two more runs before the third out.

After scoring quickly in the first two innings, the Mustangs got comfortable with their position and relaxed on defense. The Bullpups took advantage of that lapse and adjusted their defense, preventing the Mustangs from making a comeback.

The Mustangs are now 1-1 in league play, planting them in third place behind Lemoore and Hanford, who are both undefeated in the West Yosemite League. The WYL is a tough league and any team can win any game on any given day. The Mustangs will have to work on their consistency for when they face Lemoore on March 27. Hanford will play Mission Oak on March 27.

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