Svenhards files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Svenhard’s cites between $10 and $50 million owed to creditors, cites $1-$10 million in assets in bankruptcy filings By Paul Myers EXETER – Svenhards officially filed for bankruptcy last month, [...]

Absentee Management

By Trudy Wischemann “It sounds like the ship of state is being driven into the shoals again,” said my astute other half, listening with 10% of his attention to my breakfast diatribe about [...]

The Victim

By Trudy Wischemann Last week, with its terrible news about Lindsay’s functional bankruptcy, was a mixture of pain and relief for me. It was horrible realizing that the fiscal shenanigans we’ve [...]

Sweet Civic Sobriety

By Trudy Wischemann Last week’s Sun-Gazette carried an important news article about the City of Lindsay: we are functionally bankrupt. The article was fine, but if you want to truly understand [...]

Kmart to close by end of 2018

Visalia Kmart closure is part of Sears Holding Corporation’s restructuring in Chapter 11 bankruptcy @TheSunGazette VISALIA – Kmart in Visalia has become the latest cut in its parent company’s [...]