Prays Together: Your Life’s Guide

By Brandon Zoll In today’s modern culture there is a common thread of teaching being taught as the magical key to happiness, and I believe it to be the cause of the steady moral decline in the [...]

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

By Mandy Nevarez I was mowing my lawn the other day, and I was having a conversation with God, and expressing to him how I wished that someone could help me edge the front yard. For some reason [...]

Do You Need to Attend Church?

By Paul Leavens In some Christian circles it’s in vogue to disassociate yourself from the local church.  People boast, “I’m a Christian but I’m not part of the institutional church.” Or, I’m a [...]

Stop Worrying

By Zachary Ludden Let’s face it, life sometimes feels like it’s going ninety miles an hour. We rush from work to home to soccer game to party to store in the race to get ahead in life. We stress [...]

Love and Possessiveness

By Ron Hull In one of his essays, C. S. Lewis illustrated how love and possessiveness are sometimes confused. There was a certain “Mrs. Fidget,” it seems, who had a reputation in the neighborhood [...]

Sacred Pathways

By Dayton Kitterman A few months ago, I was introduced to “Sacred Pathways: Discover Your Soul’s Path to God,” by Gary Thomas. It is a relatively short book, easy to read and substantive in its [...]

A New Reality

By Ron Hull If we could converse with an unborn baby he might tell us to let him alone. Why should he go through the trauma of birth when he has it so good where he is? His little living quarters [...]

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