WD Youth Convention 2020

Youth Convention is an annual three-day gathering of around 3,000 young people and young adults in the Western District. Taking place in Visalia at the Visalia Convention Center, this [...]

Open-Eyed Faith

“Listening to a witness makes you a witness.” ­­— Elie Wiesel By Trudy Wischemann Spring is a funny season. After winter’s dormancy, we expect to be overjoyed by the increased day length and [...]

Prays Together – The Wondrous Gift

By Ron Hull Dr. Harold G. Wolff, a pioneer researcher into the relationship between stress and disease wrote: “Hope, faith and purpose in life is medicinal. This is not merely a statement of [...]

Prays Together: Incarnation

By Ian Hodge How do we make a difference in a world gone crazy? Or perhaps more pointedly, how do we change our world for the better, and permanently rather than temporarily? You know, how do we [...]

Creed Screed: Living by Faith

By Paul Leavens  The book of Habakkuk is just three or four pages long in most Bibles, but it contains an eternal truth that served as one of the themes of the New Testament books of Galatians, [...]