“The God of your understanding is just that: the God of your understanding. What you need is the God just beyond your understanding.” ­—Rami Shapiro As quoted in Barbara Brown Taylor’s Holy Envy: [...]

Jesus Here and Now

By Gabe Gary If you are a fan of The Walking Dead or have romanticized the notion of a zombie apocalypse, then you have to love the post-Easter story; Christ’s resurrection. It entails stories of [...]

Jesus Endured Physical Abuse

By Paul Leavens Can you think of anyone who was treated more harshly than Jesus Christ? Consider the physical abuse Jesus suffered on our behalf. When arrested, he was bound by the soldiers. [...]

Creed Screed: Jesus Loved the Children

By Paul Leavens One of my favorite paintings of Christ pictures a little boy with his arms around Jesus’ neck, his tiny face cuddled up to the cheek of Jesus. The youngster has a contented smile [...]

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