Garden Tips for December

By Peyton Ellas UCCE Master Gardener Have you noticed how the sun’s position is mainly in the southern sky? Solstice comes from the Latin words for “sun” and “to stand still.” On Dec. 21, and for [...]

The Toil with Soil: Part II

You moved to a new home and plants don’t seem to grow, or your existing gardens are no longer lush and productive. The problem is likely the soil. Soil is composed of weathered rock and organic [...]

Gardening Tips for July

By Peyton Ellas UCCE Master Gardener Planting: If you can, wait until cooler weather to add new plants. The exceptions are heat-loving edible annuals, and some water-and-heat-loving small [...]

Ground Covers for Lawn Replacement

By Nancy Hawkins UCCE Master Gardener At our Master Gardener Demo Garden at Hurley School, we are focusing on Gardening Central Valley Style by demonstrating a variety of gardening styles and [...]

Sunflowers: The Happy Plant

By Nancy Hawkins UCCE Master Gardener Are you looking for a plant that makes you smile and feel like dancing? How about one that is bright and colorful in our hot summer gardens? Look no further [...]

Lasagna Gardening

By Karen Dressel UCCE Master Gardener On the surface not tilling the soil is counterintuitive to many traditional gardeners – until the science behind it is understood. Tilling (roto-tilling, [...]

Garden Tips for March

By Peyton Ellas UCCE Master Gardener March is unpredictable in California, and especially so in our valley, foothill and mountain areas. It can be sunny one day, rainy the next. We can have very [...]

Growing Blueberries

By Nancy Hawkins UCCE Master Gardener Let’s talk blueberries. I planted six one-gallon size plants about a year ago with big expectations. No blueberries yet. So, I decided to do some research to [...]

Native Plants in the Home Garden

By Anne Skinner UCCE Master Gardener The variety of native plants in California make them an excellent choice for a drought tolerant garden. Most of them are less prone to pest and disease [...]

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