Creed Screed: Talking With God

By Paul Leavens   I’ve never audibly heard God’s voice, and I would guess most of us have not. But God still speaks today often in a still, small voice.  So how do we hear God’s voice? The first [...]

Creed Screed: Prayer

By Paul Leavens People are interested in prayer. A magazine conducted a poll, asking Americans what subject they most wanted to hear about at church. The number one request was how to make prayer [...]

Prays Together: The Only Thing That Counts

By Mark Smith There was a time in my life when I loved to argue. I loved to use logic to counter another person’s (in my view) inferior reasoning. I took satisfaction in the back and forth of it [...]

Prays Together: Honest Prayer

By Ian Hodge Where has God been this year?  What should we think of God in the aftermath of the hurricanes that struck Texas and Puerto Rico so hard to the mass shootings of Las Vegas and in a [...]