No Room

By Trudy Wischemann In church Sunday, the fourth one in Advent, we gathered to hear Joseph’s part of the nativity story from the Book of Matthew.  Finding out about Mary’s premature pregnancy [...]

Dark Lands

By Trudy Wischemann I got to see the movie “Dark Waters” last week. It’s been billed as a thriller on NPR, which normally would have kept me from going. Normal life has enough excitement for me; [...]

On Discipline

By Trudy Wischemann I’ve just learned a very important truth: It takes discipline to be a disciple. And I learned it from watching Tom Hanks become Mr. Rogers in the new movie, A Beautiful Day in [...]

What’s Home?

By Trudy Wischemann “I just want to go home,” my brother Steve has told me many times over the past few weeks. It began when we were out running errands between doctor appointments, and I’d offer [...]

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