On Discipline

By Trudy Wischemann I’ve just learned a very important truth: It takes discipline to be a disciple. And I learned it from watching Tom Hanks become Mr. Rogers in the new movie, A Beautiful Day in [...]

Open-Eyed Faith

“Listening to a witness makes you a witness.” ­­— Elie Wiesel By Trudy Wischemann Spring is a funny season. After winter’s dormancy, we expect to be overjoyed by the increased day length and [...]

Competing Melodies

By Trudy Wischemann  Sunday afternoon, cool enough to sit by an open window while I write, my brain is getting tangled in the melodies of the ice cream trucks touring the neighborhood. One has a [...]


By Trudy Wischemann  “He changed my life,” the stranger said at my father’s memorial. It turns out that he’d worked with Dad at the Coast Guard station at Two Rock. “I was a dope-smoking ruffian [...]

Notes from Home: MADA

By Trudy Wischemann  The national news has been intertwining with my personal history over the last few weeks, snarling my thoughts.  I’m hoping that by writing to you, dear readers, they’ll get [...]

Notes from Home: Me vs. Us

By Trudy Wischemann  Victor Davis Hanson, a right-wing historian and former Selma raisin grower, had a column in The Bee recently where he described the country’s current acidic division as a bad [...]

Notes from Home: Being Green

By Trudy Wischemann  It’s so beautiful here right now, these few precious weeks each year when our hills are green, burnished mustard yellow in places. Shining and soft in outline, blending with [...]

Notes from Home: Unite and Conquer

By Trudy Wischemann It’s been a sad week in Lake Woebehere, my adopted home town. Last Tuesday, Feb. 27th, the City Council voted 3:2 to demolish the historic public resource known as the Lindsay [...]

Notes from Home: Home Itself

By Trudy Wischemann “Home is where the heart is,” a friend tells me. We are talking about where home is for each of us, which naturally involves what home is. I counter his definition with Valley [...]

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