Resident get a sneak peek at their water system


visalia – California Water Service (Cal Water) recently took almost 50 customers on a tour of its Visalia water system to educate them on how the utility provides high-quality water to customers every time they turn on the tap.

Cal Water extended the invitation to all customers in its Visalia district, and almost 50 people decided to take advantage of the opportunity to learn about Cal Water’s operation in Visalia and see, first-hand, why Visalia has the most reliable urban water system in the Central Valley.

Cal Water Visalia employees accompanied the customers on a bus tour that visited three utility sites during the two-hour event. Customers learned about Cal Water’s prudent and needed investments in Visalia’s water system infrastructure including wells, pumps, water-quality treatment and testing, and water mains.

“From 2010 to 2014, Cal Water invested almost $47 million in water system improvements,” said Jim Smith, director of the Visalia district. “That’s about $345,000 per million gallons of water produced, which is significantly higher than other nearby communities.”

Cal Water serves about 132,200 people through 43,400 service connections in Visalia. The company has provided water service in the area since 1926. Additional information may be obtained online at

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