How can the City better manage your tax dollars?

visalia – The City of Visalia is less concerned with how to get a hold of you than with how to spend your tax dollars, and rightfully so.
The change in direction will be evident this week when the Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC) conducts its annual public opinion survey on Saturday, May 7. At its April 18 meeting, the City Council approved the CAC’s recommendation to add the question “How could the City better manager your tax dollars?”
The CAC suggested this question because it seemed appropriate given that the City is considering a potential revenue tax measure on the November ballot. The question could be helpful to understand where citizens may support service cuts, or see perceived waste in City operations. The other change of using the word “service” contact instead of “business” contact was meant to narrow the discussion to how services are provided by the public safety departments.
The question replaces three others which were: 9a. What telephone types do you have?; 9b. Would you prefer to take the City’s survey online or in person?; and 10. If the City changed one thing to better provide information to Visalians, what should it do? Question 9b was considered a moot point since staff has developed an online version of this survey which will be available this year.
The CAC also proposed revising questions 3 and 4, which ask if the individual has had a “business” contact with either police and fire, to state is they have had a “service” contact. Some people may conduct business for public safety departments such as selling goods to the department when the intent of the question is to understand how the public perceives the service of the two departments.
The additions and subtractions would mean the survey will ask one less question than last year. Most of the survey remains intact year to year to better follow the trends in public sentiment.
The CAC will conduct this year’s survey on May 7 at Food4Less on Dinuba Blvd. and the Save Mart at Mary’s Vineyard and Goshen and Akers. The CAC also proposes to use the Sports Park in an effort to reach the 18- to 35-year-olds, a group that has been underrepresented in the past.

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