County to install stop sign south of Visalia

Intersection at Akers Road (Road 100) and Ave. 272 had more than 5 crashes in a 12-month period


VISALIA – A new stop sign will be installed just south of the Visalia city limits.

At its July 31 meeting, the Tulare County Board of Supervisors authorized staff to install sop signs for traffic heading north and south on Akers Road at the intersection of Avenue 272. Currently, the intersection is a two-way stop for east-west traffic on Avenue 272. 

Under the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, “Multi-way stop control can be useful as a safety measure at intersections if certain traffic conditions exist. Safety concerns associated with multi-way stops include pedestrians, bicyclist, and all road users expecting other road users to stop.”

Akers Road (Road 100) has a high volume of traffic traveling between Tulare and Visalia and met one of the criteria for adding stop signs at an intersection because there has been at least five crashes in a 12-month period that may have been avoided by a four-way stop, such as right turn, left turn and right angle collisions. 

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