Increase in traffic at Giddings and Riggin prompt Visalia to install all-lane stop


VISALIA– The City of Visalia is slowing down traffic toward the north side of the city due to an increase in traffic volume.

Last week the City announced they would be installing an “all-way” stop at Giddings and Riggin starting today, Jan. 9 with a traffic signal coming later in the year.

“After careful study, it was determined that the intersection of Giddings and Riggin met the criteria to have an all-way stop installed,” said Leslie Blair, Senior Civil Engineer with the City of Visalia.

The City justified the change when the intersection exceeded 300 cars passing through the intersection on Riggin per hour, at eight hours per day; and more than 200 cars per hour on Giddings for eight hours a day.

“In order for an intersection to meet the requirements for an all-way stop, it must meet certain criteria, one being volume,” shared Blair. “With new development in the area, traffic has increased. The stop signs will serve as an interim measure as plans will be underway within six months to install a traffic control signal.”

The change is scheduled to coincide with the holiday vacation of Visalia Unified School District, sign boards to notify motorists are up now, with the installation work taking place today.

No road closures will take place for the installation, but motorists are asked to be mindful of the upcoming change.

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