City activates bike, pedestrian signal on Riggin

Santa Fe Trail crossing was funded using Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality grant, Measure R funds


VISALIA – Cars have had a wide, open roadway without stops on Riggin Avenue/St. John’s Parkway between Dinuba Boulevard and Burke Street for several years, but now they’ll have to pay close attention to a signal for bicycle and pedestrian crossing.

On April 10, the City of Visalia activated the new signal where Riggin intersects with the Santa Fe Trail. Sergio Alvarado, associate engineer for the City of Visalia, said the signal will provide a safe means for pedestrians to cross Riggin Avenue while utilizing the existing Santa Fe Trail.

The signal will continually rest as a green signal for both eastbound and westbound vehicles travelling on Riggin Avenue until activated by pedestrians on the Santa Fe Trail. The advanced flashing beacons on Riggin Avenue will also be activated and the signal will go into a normal operating sequence to stop both eastbound and westbound traffic to allow pedestrians to cross.

“We ask motorists using Riggin Avenue and St. Johns Parkway, between Dinuba Highway and Ben Maddox Way, to exercise caution when traveling through this area and to be alert for pedestrians using the new signalized crossing,” said Alvarado.

The signalization project, a public safety transportation improvement, was funded using a Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) grant and matching Measure R Local funds.

For additional information for the pedestrian crossing signal at Riggin Avenue and the Santa Fe Trail, contact Sergio Alvarado, Associate Engineer, City of Visalia Engineering Department, (559) 713-4595 [email protected].

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