Visalia short film horror series earns international acclaim

“Confessions – The Series” was written and produced by Serrano Studios in Visalia and released on Amazon Prime in January

VISALIA – A Visalia filmmaker’s web series has earned critical acclaim overseas and has begun streaming on Amazon Prime in Japan.

“Confessions – the Series,” a five episode short form content horror series from Visalia-based Serrano Studios, tells the story of Father Michael King who is called to a psychiatric ward regarding a possible demonic possession of a patient named Lisa Coal. When Father King meets Lisa, their interactions lead to a series of confessions they both did not expect. To view the film, visit

The series was awarded the Grand Jury Award for Best Web Series at the Monthly Oniros Film Awards, in Saint-Vincent, Italy. They also received the Best Web Series award at the Madras Independent Film Festival, in Chennai, India. Both awards were presented in June 2020. Confessions recently boosted into the Japan Streaming Market on Amazon Prime.

Written and produced by CEO Ernest Serrano, Confessions stars Michael Joseph Pierce from the streaming series ‘Wicked Enigma’ and an up and coming actor Alysia Ingrim. Confessions’ had its initial release on Amazon Prime Video at the beginning of 2020, and is currently dubbing the series in Spanish for a Mexico streaming release later this year.

“A short form content series allows the viewer to eat up a story in a short period of time, like a lunch break,” Serrano said last December, prior to the Amazon release.

Short-form content isn’t new, but it’s gaining popularity among creators, production companies and viewers. Short Form Content can be found on Amazon, Apple TV+ or Quibi, the new short-form TV and movie app which makes its debut in April.

Serrano Studios is comprised of Film Production, feature and short films, directing and writing, headed by Ernest Serrano. The filmhouse currently has two films streaming on Amazon Prime, “New York State of Mind,” and “Joaquin is King” and just released a third production for streaming on Amazon, “Catch the 57” which stars Ryan Ochoa from iCarly fame and the Disney Series “Pair of Kings.”

Serrano Studios is a Visalia, California based film house which comprises Film Production, feature and short films, directing and writing, headed by Ernest Serrano. For more information on Serrano Studios, visit

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