New signals light up Riggin Avenue

City activates traffic lights at intersections of Giddings and County Center, will activate a 3rd at Kelsey next week

VISALIA – Two new traffic signals on Riggin Avenue were activated yesterday but won’t get the green light for full signalization for a few more days.

On Aug. 31, the city of Visalia activated traffic signals at the intersections of Giddings Street and County Center Street.

“Once these traffic signals are turned on, they will operate in red flash for two days,” civil engineer Diego Corvera said. “The two intersections’ signals at Giddings and County Center will then be placed into normal, full functioning operation on Thursday, Sept. 2.”

A third signal at Kelsey Street will be activated on Tuesday, Sept. 7 and placed into normal, full functioning operation on Thursday, Sept. 9.

While the traffic signals are in red flash the intersections will operate as all-way stops. Drivers are encouraged to use caution when traversing the intersections while the public is becoming accustomed to the change in traffic control and vehicle pattern.

As part of the project, the entire intersection of Giddings Street and Riggin Avenue was reconstructed and widened 600 feet to the east. Work included asphalt demolition, sub-grade preparation, signal erection and road paving operations. Construction at the intersections began on April 12 and finished more than a month ahead of schedule.

“Due to vendor and utility coordination issues, we weren’t able to get these intersections finished as quickly as we would have hoped, but we’re pleased to still be ahead of schedule and nearing full activation,” added Corvera.

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