Visalia community committee accepts apps to fill vacancies

Local Visalians can seize official city experience now that the Visalia Citizens Advisory Committee is accepting applications

VISALIA – Visalians with an interest in pursuing a career in government or desiring some more community involvement could potentially gain some experience by applying for a seat with the city of Visalia Citizens Advisory Committee.

Two positions are open for the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) and interested parties can sign up now that applications are being accepted. The CAC acts as a liaison, or communication representative, between the community and the city council. Applications can be turned in at any time with no deadline, according to Jason Serpa, city staff representative with the city of Visalia. 

Sepra also said even when all committee seats are full, applications are kept in preparation for when another seat opens up.

“It’s nice to have four or five folks in the wings, ready to go, that we can put back on the committee to fill in that term,” Serpa said.

The committee has 11 members with no alternates. They meet on the first Wednesday  of every month for an hour and a half, from 5:30 p.m to 7 p.m. Their duties include approving, disapproving or recommending important items, like tax initiatives, rates and fees, Community Block Grant programs and the city’s annual Public Opinion Survey.

Serpa said other committees, board of directors or large professional organizations and companies enjoy seeing this type of experience on resumes.

“For young people, it’s great to have it on your CV, but we tend to get a lot of older people applying because they look to stay involved even after retirement, or if their careers are winding down,” Serpa said. “A lot of educators get involved, they like to be involved in their community, but we would [also] love to see some younger applications.”

Anyone 18 years or older, who live or work within the urban areas of Visalia as it’s defined by the Visalia Unified School District’s boundary map, are eligible to apply for the positions. However, consideration for the roles will go to residents of Visalia first and foremost.

These applications are available on the City of Visalia website. Applications can also be submitted to the City Clerk’s office at 220 N. Santa Fe, Visalia, CA 93292 or sent in via email to Michelle Nicholson, Chief Deputy City Clerk, at [email protected].

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