Local builders inspire at Home Expo

The Visalia Home Expo aims to aid local economy by hosting over 100 local crafters and builders to showcase their work

VISALIA – Local builders are helping Visalians build their dream homes brick by brick, as Visalia Home Expo showcases their work to thousands.

At this year’s Visalia Home Expo, there will be over 100 vendors, 150 exhibits and a Street of Dreams, with local merchants and sustainable home improvements taking the spotlight. Visalia Home Shows’ owners Steve Tarter and Allen Hurley have been conscious of helping the local economy grow by giving vendors a place to showcase their craft. This year, they are also focused on showcasing vendors that inspire both home improvement and eco-conscious options. Around 5,000 people are expected  to attend. 

“We’ve always tried to make it something that helps the merchants that are local to the economy, and then we’ve tried to incorporate new things on the Street of Dreams that would appeal to people and inspire them,” Tarter said.

PreFab Innovators from Hanford and Pacifica Tiny Homes from Corcoran will be featured at this year’s Street of Dreams. This is where multiple room displays are set up and people can see in real life what the crafters and builders can provide. This year, there will be local builders showing their tiny house and pocket home displays at the Street of Dreams. Tiny homes expert from the Go Tiny Academy, Lindsay Wood, will be at the event teaching seminars on tiny house financing, utilities and overall inquiries. 

Local vendor of the Spooky Halloween Store will be manning a booth, as well as an entire section for a “crafters marketplace,” that is dedicated to local crafters and retailers. There will be a beer and wine garden, featuring live music from 3 & The Machine and That Little Band.

Tulare landscapers Gowin Green will be setting up an outdoor patio display, along with Synthetic Grass Solutions. Synthetic Grass Solutions provide synthetic garden options that will save water. Additionally, people can save even more water by winning the “smart toilet” from Balance Solutions at the Home Expo, according to Tarter.

“The only thing that is of concern is climate change, so we’re trying to give people strategies for coping and improving [homes],” Tarter said. “The valley is always a fun place because people care about their homes, and they’re always looking for ways to improve them.”

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