Darling Hotel elicits Visalians to unravel threads of mystery

Mystery at The Darling Hotel makes second annual comeback to give Visalians another immersive, out-of-time mystery to crack

VISALIA – The Darling Hotel is inviting guests to travel back in time and experience classic 1960’s themes of science fiction and superstition in a thrilling adventure of mystery.

The hotel is hosting their second annual Mystery at The Darling Hotel event on two separate days, one on Friday, Oct. 28 and the other on Saturday, Oct. 29. The hours for both days are 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. The event will take guests on a journey into the past where they will be immersed into a 1960’s dining experience, where actors and hotel staff will be dressed in attire fitting of time and interact with guests in accordance with a suspenseful storyline.

“I feel like this has been a great opportunity to showcase our hotel and restaurant in a different way,” Taylor Delgado-Murray, sales and event coordinator for the Darling Hotel, said. “We love putting on events that [Visalia] hasn’t quite seen and just keeping this an annual tradition here on property.”

According to Delgado-Murray, a mysterious circumstance will unfold at the beginning of the event and guests will get the opportunity to unravel the mystery by looking for clues throughout the hotel. Guests are strongly encouraged to dress in 1950s and 1960s attire as well, to fit the event’s overall theme.

Participants who are able to correctly identify the true suspect of the crime will be awarded for their detective skills with a prize. Delgado-Murray said the prizes include an invitation to another event hosted by the Darling Hotel for participants to enjoy.

Delgado-Murray said the nighttime events are loosely inspired by television shows and films like the science fictional Twilight Zone, drama-styled Mad Men and neo-noir Bad Times at the El Royale.

“We kind of pool different elements from those shows and movies that take place in a similar time period,” Delgado-Murray said. “That way it can help us develop the story and get a feel for what the event will be like.”

According to Delgado-Murray, the event was brought back for Visalia residents to enjoy because of its popularity last year. She said the prior event, which took on a 1930s theme, brought the hotel a lot of phone calls this year inquiring if the event would be brought back. Last year, the event sold out within 32 hours, and although ticket sales seemed to have slowed down for this year, Delgado-Murray said tickets for the event are almost sold out.

Tickets for the event’s thrilling adventure are available for purchase on eventbrite.com by searching “Mystery at the Darling Hotel” or at thedarlingvisalia.com/upcoming-events. Tickets for the event are selling quickly, with general admission tickets already sold out, but tickets for the hotel packages are available, which vary in price between $675 to $1,040 depending on the package selection.

The hotel package includes a single-night stay at the Darling Hotel on the selected date, two general admission tickets to the event with seating for dinners on the selected day at 8 p.m., three signature cocktails and a four-course meal presented by Elderwood, the event’s live theater experience and mystery game, an in-room gift basket with refreshments and trinkets that fit the event’s theme and a complimentary continental breakfast from the hotel.

General admission includes a single entry to the event on the selected date, three signature cocktails and a four-course meal prepared by Elderwood in Visalia and the event’s immersive live theater experience and mystery game.

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