Visalia’s Fox Theater meets “America’s Favorite Husband”

Comedian Steve Treviño comes to Visalia with “Captain Evil,” also known as his wife Renae Treviño, who base their humor on the highs and lows of everyday married life

VISALIA – Despite the pandemic, comedian Steve Treviño’s comedy career took to the stage, the television screen and to social media. Now, he is set to take to the stage of Visalia’s most historic theater.

Treviño, also known as “America’s Favorite Husband,” is set to hit the stage of the Visalia Fox Theatre on Dec. 9, with an already sold out show. Having amassed millions of social media followers, Treviño has also headlined specials for Amazon, Netflix, Showtime and more. This theater tour is entirely self-produced, and has sold out coast to coast.

“I Speak Wife” is one of the more popular comedy specials that will be performed on the tour, and it will feature Treviño’s better half, Renae Treviño, whom he lovingly refers to as Captain Evil. Their partnership is at the very core of his stand-up material, mirroring their life through the joy and struggles of marriage. 

During the pandemic, Treviño pivoted from playing 250-plus shows a year to instead expanding his social media presence and footprint on different platforms. In less than two years, Treviño built a worldwide fanbase on TikTok by repurposing older stand-up material, amassing over 4.8 million likes on the platform and over 50 million views, influencing the decision to release I Speak Wife to a global audience.

“With everyone not knowing what day it is, which way is up or down, or what was going to happen next during quarantine, my thought was if I can post a two-minute or five-minute clip of my crazy life with my wife and kids, and it allows another person to connect and find humor in something, then I have done my job,” Treviño stated.

While parenting, running a household and keeping the romance alive, Treviño had no shortage of material during lockdown, from poking fun at his wife’s perfection when she constantly loses her phone, to mystery packages showing up repeatedly at the house, Treviño’s observational comedy style portrayed the madness of everyday life.

Treviño also has a long list of television hits, too. His first Showtime special, Grandpa Joe’s Son, staked out a spot in the Nielsen Top 20. He also funded, produced and shot his 2014 runaway NETFLIX hit, Relatable, and 2018’s ’Til Death. Treviño and wife have a weekly podcast titled “Steve Treviño and Captain Evil.” Additionally, he has another self-produced comedy special named “My Life in Quarantine,” which was released in 2020 and picked up by Amazon Prime. 

Treviño kicked off his theater tour on Aug. 12 and visited venues such as Austin’s Paramount Theatre, the Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix, Vic Theatre in Chicago and the Majestic Theatre in Dallas. 

Treviño isn’t just a comedian, though. He also is a contributor to Helicopters for Heroes, which is a Texas-based non-profit dedicated to supporting veterans and first responders. He has raised over $1.5 million in the past two years for the organization.

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