Tulare Co. crop report

For the week ending May 18, 2013. Small Grains And Other Field Crops: Small grain silage harvest is well underway. Some fields are still being cut and windrowed for hay. Alfalfa is being cut and [...]

Iris garden eyes Idaho

Moving is always bittersweet. There is the excitement of a new life in a new place but also the memories made in the old one. It will be no different for the Sutton family in Exeter as they ready [...]

Down to business

Exeter co-hosts mixer at United Way of TC on May 16 in Tulare United Way of Tulare County will be hosting an after hours business mixer in conjunction with the Exeter Chamber of Commerce from [...]

Tulare co. crop report

Small Grains And Other Field Crops: Alfalfa, oat, and straw fields are still being cut, dried and baled as weather permits. Silage corn has been planted and is growing. Manure has been spread [...]

Crop Row

Water worries increase for CA farmers, ranchers The early start to wildfire season underscores the dry year suffered by most of the state, and there will be more challenges to come for California [...]

Woodlake company to build sports facility

A Woodlake company is moving forward with plans to build an athletic facility but about half the size of the regional wrestling facility discussed last year. U.S. Tower has already applied for a [...]

Tulare co. crop report

Small Grains And Other Field Crops: Early planted grains are reaching maturity. Dryland grains are browning, and some have been disked under due to the early dry season. Alfalfa and forage hay is [...]

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