Student threatens harm with a weapon

By Nancy Gutierrez Last week administrators at Wilson Middle School were notified that an unnamed student was accused of threatening to bring a weapon to school with the intention of harming a [...]

Read all about it

As schools come to a close so do supplemental education programs like Newspapers in Education. Some teachers, like Heather Keran a sixth grade teacher at Wilson Middle School, have signed up [...]

Schools praise employees at dinner

By Nancy Gutierrez At the Exeter Public Schools Evening of Recognition dinner Thursday, May 6, administrators had the opportunity to thank hardworking employees, board members recognized [...]

District CBET program continues

By Nancy Gutierrez The increasing popularity of the Community Based English Tutoring Program (CBET) helped secure another year for the courses utilized by Spanish speaking parents. At the April [...]

Study Taime

By Nancy Gutierrez When people think of Tai Chi, what usually comes to mind are visions of people dressed in loose fitting clothes moving methodically to the same rhythm. No one would envision a [...]

Kindergarten registration begins May 6

Frances Holdbrooks, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and instruction at Lindsay Unified School District, has announced the dates for registering new kindergarten students for the 2004-2005 [...]

Filling a Need

By Nancy Gutierrez Instead of spending all of their allowance on their own moms for Mother's Day some Wilson Middle School students decided to spend it on mothers in need. Members of the [...]

Program teaches parents English

By Nancy Gutierrez By day Lincoln Elementary School is filled with 5 to 7 year olds learning the basics of English and math. But by night the school is occupied by adults wanting to learn some of [...]

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