No, thank you!

By Nancy Gutierrez At 6:30 a.m. each morning, a time when most high school seniors are just getting up for school, Steven Ingolsby is already dressed, out of the house and at a seminary scripture [...]

FUSD recall continues

By Nancy Gutierrez At a December meeting of the Farmersville Unified School District two board members, Enrique Ramos and Conrado Gonzales, were handed recall papers. FUSD board president Martin [...]

Shooting for a ‘Star’

By Nancy Gutierrez Devann McClellan has promised herself that by her birthday, Oct. 16, she will finish the book she is writing. At two pages a night, it seems like a realistic goal. Of coarse [...]

School targets problem testers

By Nancy Gutierrez At the start of the spring term a new program will be implemented to help student performance. Exeter Union High School Principal Don Brinkman explained the pilot program to [...]

'Youthbuild' homes in Lindsay

By Nancy Gutierrez Congressman Devin Nunes attended a groundbreaking ceremony in Lindsay, Tuesday Jan. 13 for the Youthbuild new homes construction site in Sierra View Estates. Youthbuild , a [...]

Principal donates to teens

By Nancy Gutierrez In November the Teen Zone was burglarized and lost two X-box game systems, along with the controllers and video games. But thanks to the generosity of one of Lindsay Unified [...]

Queen Bee

By Nancy Gutierrez There are many mnemonics used to help remember spelling rules. 'I' before 'E' except after 'C'. When two vowels go walking the first does the [...]

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