'Youthbuild' homes in Lindsay

By Nancy Gutierrez Congressman Devin Nunes attended a groundbreaking ceremony in Lindsay, Tuesday Jan. 13 for the Youthbuild new homes construction site in Sierra View Estates. Youthbuild , a [...]

Principal donates to teens

By Nancy Gutierrez In November the Teen Zone was burglarized and lost two X-box game systems, along with the controllers and video games. But thanks to the generosity of one of Lindsay Unified [...]

Queen Bee

By Nancy Gutierrez There are many mnemonics used to help remember spelling rules. 'I' before 'E' except after 'C'. When two vowels go walking the first does the [...]

Pugilists of poetry

By Nancy Gutierrez There were approximately 100 students trying out for the Poetry and Prose competition at Rocky Hill Elementary School in December. Students from each grade level chose a piece [...]

Schools in Short Supply

By Nancy Gutierrez The $4 billion schools were looking to claim through voter approved funding mandates was cut in half in an agreement between state educators and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenneger [...]

Back to School

By Nancy Gutierrez For many adults the new year is filled with resolutions to lose weight or quit smoking, but some adults and parents in Lindsay have resolved to change their lives and the lives [...]

How to Cope

By Nancy Gutierrez In just three years the students in Exeter Public schools have experienced the loss of six of their own. It began when Exeter Union High School Senior Adam Cox lost his battle [...]

ADA relief for schools

By Nancy Gutierrez The state is providing a remedy for schools with decreased average daily attendance (ADA) due to the flu. In November and December cases of influenza were diagnosed in epidemic [...]

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