HS students train for SciCon

By Nancy Gutierrez Can one teen handle a dozen 12-year-olds 24 hours a day for one full week. It's being done all the time at SciCon, the science and conservation camp that hundreds of sixth [...]

Can't miss 'Can't Take it With You'

A turquoise tutu, xylophone music and an aquarium full of snakes are a few things to expect from Exeter Union High School's presentation of "You can't take it with you," Nov. [...]

Strathmore approves HS transfer

By Nancy Gutierrez Last Tuesday Nov. 4 Strathmore residents voted a resounding yes on Measure K. More than half, 62 percent, of voters agreed with the measure that would make Strathmore Union [...]

Tuning in to LHS guitar class

The Lindsay High School Guitar class gave a heartfelt performance as the newest addition to the annual Lindsay Cultural Arts Jazz Concert last Thursday evening. The group performed four pieces [...]

For some students helping comes naturally

By Nancy Gutierrez The responsibilities of some students at Lindsay High School stretch beyond homework. For 25 sophomores, juniors and seniors, who have been regarded as the most trustworthy at [...]

Students help with vet history project

By Nancy Gutierrez According to the United States Library of Congress, everyday 1,700 war veterans living in the US pass away, taking with them a part of American history that can never be [...]

Surviving Rival Week

By Nancy Gutierrez Last week Exeter Union High School students shaved their heads had pie thrown in their faces and threw pie in the faces of their teachers all in preparation for their game [...]

High price to pay for ditch-day

By Nancy Gutierrez Last Monday Nov. 10 only 90 of the 200 seniors at Exeter Union High School attended class. There wasn't a field trip for seniors and it's unlikely that 110 seniors [...]

School board approves bid for gym

By Nancy Gutierrez The Lindsay Unified School District board approved a $2.8 million bid submitted by Oral E. Micham Inc. for the construction of the multi use gymnasium at Steve Garvey [...]

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