Requiro For a Dream Concert

You would think bringing in talent like cellist David Requiro would require the Three Rivers Performing Arts Institute to pull some strings. Luckily, Requiro is an artist faculty member of Center [...]

Community Calendar

April April 4 – The Sequoia Genealogical Society will meet, at 7 p.m., at the Seventh Day Adventist Church, 494 N. Blackstone, in Tulare. The public is invited to attend. For more info. call [...]

Healthier foods for on the GO

The war for healthy school lunches wages on, but parents serious about the childhood nutrition have options. “With childhood obesity on the rise and kids eating worse today than they did 20 years [...]

How to host a healthier happy hour

Going out with co-workers or friends after work is a great way to relax, but when you host a happy hour at home, you have full control over the guest list, atmosphere, music and, most [...]

Miniature Roses: Selection and Care

Many of us love to have roses in our gardens. They are just about as American as apple pie. Roses add beauty to our gardens and our vases and are relatively easy to grow and care for. When you [...]

How long should I run lawn sprinklers?

Spring is the best time to prepare the lawn for summer heat because mild temperatures favor root growth and roots supply water to leaf blades. Watering thoroughly and infrequently allows roots to [...]