Exeter Mourns A Hero

By Reggie Ellis At the age of 19, Daniel Unger had accomplished things that most won't in a lifetime. He was a fourth degree black belt and a licensed pastor, but most of all he wanted to be [...]

2 Exeter men arrested in drug bust

Two Exeter men and 13 others were arrested in a major drug bust on May 27 at a hotel off Highway 99 just north of Tulare. Alberto Maetas Molina, 35, and Julio Molina Lopes Jr., 26, both of Exeter [...]

Fish & Game tired of playing games

By Reggie Ellis The California Fish and Game Warden's motto ends with the phrase, "above all, be fair." But the real problem is not the judiciousness of the wardens, but the broken [...]

Patricia Ballew

A memorial service for Patricia Ballew, 78, of Visalia will be held at 11 a.m. on Saturday June 5 at Christ Lutheran Church of Visalia. She died on May 22 at her residence and will have a private [...]

City shoots for $2.3 mil in TE funds

By Carolyn Barbre Success breeds success. Lindsay has learned that being prepared and poised to meet all the conditions required for grant funding tends to put the city at a big advantage over [...]

LID fees voted in for 5 more years

By Carolyn Barbre Recently the 210 members of the Lindsay Improvement District (LID) received ballots in the mail. Per the bylaws establishing the Lindsay Improvement District, a [...]

State cuts might cost Lindsay grants

By Reggie Ellis Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's revised budget has been applauded for being balanced -- without raising taxes and even increasing funding for school and health [...]

Crime is up 23%

By Reggie Ellis After a slight drop in 2002, crime in Exeter increased 23 percent for a six-year high. Total crimes reported in 2003 were up 386 from the 1,229 crimes reported in 2002. [...]

Going All In

By Tom Price Jr. Playing poker was like riding a bike for Ron Turner. For six years the 49-year-old nursery owner was so engulfed in his work that he barely had time to play a friendly game of [...]

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