By Trudy Wischemann The ink was barely dry on my last column, “Guns in Church,” before a new killing stole the headlines and the public’s eye. My prediction that people would not remember the [...]

Kissing Frogs

By Ron Hull According to one version of an old story, there was once a handsome prince trapped inside a frog. There he languished until one day—wonder of wonders—a beautiful princess picked him [...]

Why Do We Prune Roses?

By Anne Skinner UCCE Master Gardener The basics of rose pruning are science based.  Once learned, these basics require a fair amount of time and labor.  Additionally, a certain degree of artistry [...]

It Was the Season of Christmas

By Brandon Zoll It was the season of Christmas, and yes Christmas is a season and not a day. Christmas, beginning with the celebration of the birth of Jesus, is the season that comes after the [...]

Guns in Church

By Trudy Wischemann Two rescued, five lost at sea in a fishing boat accident off Alaska; the Coast Guard had given up after searching 1,400 square miles of ocean, heroic efforts. This news item [...]

Established 2020

By Gabe Gary And just like that another decade is in the rear-view mirror. So much life happens in a ten-year span. I’ve had children marry, grandchildren born, my wife and I both lost our [...]

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