Kissing Frogs

By Ron Hull According to one version of an old story, there was once a handsome prince trapped inside a frog. There he languished until one day—wonder of wonders—a beautiful princess picked him [...]

It Was the Season of Christmas

By Brandon Zoll It was the season of Christmas, and yes Christmas is a season and not a day. Christmas, beginning with the celebration of the birth of Jesus, is the season that comes after the [...]

Guns in Church

By Trudy Wischemann Two rescued, five lost at sea in a fishing boat accident off Alaska; the Coast Guard had given up after searching 1,400 square miles of ocean, heroic efforts. This news item [...]

Established 2020

By Gabe Gary And just like that another decade is in the rear-view mirror. So much life happens in a ten-year span. I’ve had children marry, grandchildren born, my wife and I both lost our [...]

No Room

By Trudy Wischemann In church Sunday, the fourth one in Advent, we gathered to hear Joseph’s part of the nativity story from the Book of Matthew.  Finding out about Mary’s premature pregnancy [...]

The Original St. Nicholas

By Bishop Eric Menees Around this time of year many may speak of Santa Claus or St. Nick, but they don’t know much about the original Saint Nicholas who is the basis for our today’s St. Nick.  [...]

The Overturning

By Trudy Wischemann I was blessed this past Sunday by being given the opportunity to preach at Lindsay’s Methodist Church. One of the lectionary scriptures was Mary’s Song from Luke’s gospel, so [...]

Don’t Forget Advent!

By Ian Hodge We’ve entered into the season of Advent. Many of us are only familiar with an advent wreath, or perhaps an Advent calendar. But Advent is much more than a countdown to Christmas and [...]

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