What’s in a Name?

By Jim Newman This Christmas season some of us may decide we want to read some of the biblical passages which speak about the birth of Jesus Christ. In Matthew 1:18-24 we find the account of how [...]

Give Thanks When?

By Ron Hull “Give thanks in all circumstances…”  (1Thessalonians 5:18). Give thanks when? In all circumstances?  Is that in the Bible? Yes. Well, how can that be? What about bad [...]

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

By Jim Newman Recently, one of my daughters got a small antique bedroom dresser which had an attached mirror on top. She loved the beautiful oak wood from which the dresser was constructed, but [...]

Prays Together: Mercy & Truth

By Mandy Nevarez I find myself thinking about our current culture, and the climate that we live in as Americans. Everyone has an opinion, and that is something that makes our nation great—the [...]

What Will the State of Your Heart Be?

By Joel Luckemeyer We are in November which means that one year from now we know the results of one more major national election. This means that soon we will be endowed with ads all over the [...]

Don’t Fear the Reaper

By Zack Ludden Halloween is just around the corner! Ghosts, ghouls, witches, and an assortment of creepy creatures emerge from their year-long sleep and begin their appearance in scary movies, [...]

Notes from Home: Winter Coming

By Trudy Wischemann The light coming through my window has just dimmed, the sun gone behind a cloud. It is the slightest indication of winter coming, though it’s enough to make me look up from [...]

Prays Together: The Fall of Satan

By Christopher Scott Satan once was one of God’s angels but now is God’s enemy. Satan is our enemy too. Let’s take a look at what the Bible says about Satan and his fall from heaven. Satan was [...]

Prays Together: Your Life’s Guide

By Brandon Zoll In today’s modern culture there is a common thread of teaching being taught as the magical key to happiness, and I believe it to be the cause of the steady moral decline in the [...]

Prays Together: Seeing a Whole Person

By Ian Hodge This summer my church was very good to me in granting me a sabbatical. In case you aren’t familiar with what a sabbatical is, it’s an extended break from normal job responsibilities [...]

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