Creed Screed: We Win, We Win!

By Paul Leavens  The University of North Carolina played the University of Miami in the quarterfinals of the 2011 ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament. Miami hit the first shot of the game and [...]

Broken, Contrite and at Peace

By Ian Hodge  We don’t have all the answers. We know this, and yet we behave as if it weren’t true. We still believe in progress. Or, perhaps more accurately, we desperately cling to the [...]

Creed Screed: People of the Book

By Paul Leavens It’s a sweet sound to hear Bible pages turning when the preacher announces his Scripture text worshipers look it up together. Unfortunately, that sound is increasingly rare today. [...]

Prays Together: A Fresh Perspective

By Mandy Nevarez Desperate to escape the current stressors afflicting my peace of mind, I escaped to the coast last weekend to find a fresh perspective for my troubles. It was a last-minute trip, [...]

Prays Together: Our Greatest Need

By John Payton  Picture yourself standing before God and him asking you, “Why should I let you in on my blessings whether in this life or in the life to come?” You begin thinking: “Well, I’m a [...]

Creed Screed: The Wonder of the Cross

By Paul Leavens  Is it possible to become so accustomed to the wonder of God’s creation that you lose a sense of awe when you see a majestic mountain, hear a rustling brook, gaze into the heavens [...]

A Choice to Believe

By Paul Leavens If I do not believe, am I to blame? J. Wallace Hamilton once published a sermon entitled, “If a man does not believe, is he to blame?” I’ve always thought that was a good [...]