Sacred Pathways

By Dayton Kitterman A few months ago, I was introduced to “Sacred Pathways: Discover Your Soul’s Path to God,” by Gary Thomas. It is a relatively short book, easy to read and substantive in its [...]

Meekness Isn’t Weakness

By Jim Newman What would you say is the most misunderstood word in the English language? We all might have a few words that come to mind, but my vote would be for the word “meekness.” When we [...]

Left Behind

By Trudy Wischemann It’s been a rough couple of weeks in Lake Woebehere, my adopted home town. It started with another break-in and robbery of my home at the corner of Homassel and Alameda, the [...]


“The God of your understanding is just that: the God of your understanding. What you need is the God just beyond your understanding.” ­—Rami Shapiro As quoted in Barbara Brown Taylor’s Holy Envy: [...]

Jesus Here and Now

By Gabe Gary If you are a fan of The Walking Dead or have romanticized the notion of a zombie apocalypse, then you have to love the post-Easter story; Christ’s resurrection. It entails stories of [...]

Open-Eyed Faith

“Listening to a witness makes you a witness.” ­­— Elie Wiesel By Trudy Wischemann Spring is a funny season. After winter’s dormancy, we expect to be overjoyed by the increased day length and [...]

A New Reality

By Ron Hull If we could converse with an unborn baby he might tell us to let him alone. Why should he go through the trauma of birth when he has it so good where he is? His little living quarters [...]

Sin in the Age of Weinstein

By Ian Hodge “Talking about “sin” these days is… complicated. One can observe the sort of contempt Western culture developed toward the idea of sin simply by watching commercials. Think about [...]

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