There’s a Counselor in Town

By Dayton Kitterman Some decades ago there was a significant shift in the way we, as Americans, looked at the church and especially the Bible. Of course, we continued to acknowledge that the [...]

Humility, Simplicity, Trust

By Jim Newman Is it possible to find a peace and quiet in a world that is increasingly characterized by anxiety, stress, noise and unrelenting busyness? Everyday can be a new challenge to our [...]

I Identify As a Child of God

By Mandy Nevarez In today’s culture there seems to be a prevalent crisis of identity. It is more than just personal preference, but rather a lack of understanding of self. There has been a [...]

Recognizing and Compiling the Bible

By Christopher Scott I remember sitting down with the man discipling me near the window at Starbucks. I was curious about the Bible. The question I asked him was, “How did the Bible come to be [...]

Dust in the Wind?

By Joel Luckemeyer As you go about your day today, you may notice a few people walking around with crosses of ash on their forehead. Maybe you are even among that group of people. Maybe you are [...]

Anger Potential

By Ron Hull An angry person is filled with potential—for good or bad. We can be “good and angry”—helpfully angry, or we can be hurtfully angry. Of the “7 Deadly Sins,” anger is the only vice on [...]

The Challenge of Beauty

By Ian Hodge When discussing whether or not there’s a God out there, one of the arguments that’s often marshaled in the negative is the problem of evil.  That is, given the awful evils present in [...]

Do You Feel Loved?

By Jim Newman Do you feel loved today? That can be one of the greatest feelings in the world when you do! But when you don’t feel loved, and maybe think nobody even likes you, it can be an [...]

Dear Remnants

By Trudy Wischemann A week ago last Sunday I had the privilege of delivering the message at Lindsay United Methodist Church. Our new pastor, Vai Heimoana, who also serves Exeter UMC, had a busy [...]

Welcome to Exeter

By Dayton Kitterman “Welcome to Exeter.” Over and over that friendly phrase has been directed my way in the last few weeks. What a wonderful atmosphere walking downtown, enjoying casual [...]

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